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Colonoscopy Quality Management Program

Quality management is essential for colonoscopy to ensure safe, high-quality care and a positive experience for patients and others who use the services.

The Colonoscopy Quality Management Program supports high-quality and consistency in colonoscopy services through:

  • quality reporting on evidence-based standards and indicators at the provincial, regional, facility and physician levels
  • a 3-tier clinical leadership structure that includes provincial, regional and facility leads
  • resources, tools, training and opportunities to support quality improvement at the facility and physician levels

The program applies to all providers of colonoscopy services, including gastroenterologists, general surgeons and endoscopy nurses. It also applies to all facilities where colonoscopy services are provided (hospitals and out-of-hospital premises).

Stakeholder Engagement

The program’s success depends on ongoing involvement of others interested in quality colonoscopy. This includes:

  • patients and service users
  • providers
  • facility leadership
  • professional organizations
  • health system leaders

We inform them about our implementation plans and activities and ask for their input through:

  • presentations
  • meetings
  • webinars
  • teleconferences
  • in-person and online consultations
  • letters

A Colonoscopy Provincial Quality Committee also provides feedback and direction on the Partnership’s implementation activities. Members include:

  • Dr. David Morgan, Provincial Lead
  • colonoscopy regional leads
  • out-of-hospital premises and hospital leadership
  • patients and service users
  • allied healthcare professionals