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About Us

Working with patients, service users, healthcare providers and health system leaders, we make sure all Ontarians have access to consistent, high-quality colonoscopy, mammography and pathology services. We do this by implementing provincial quality management programs in those 3 health service areas.

Quality Management Programs

Quality management programs integrate facility and provider quality management. These programs apply to all clinicians and facilities providing colonoscopy, mammography and pathology services in Ontario.


  • Enhance the quality of care
  • Increase the consistency in the quality of care provided across facilities
  • Improve public confidence by increasing accountability and transparency

How We Will Achieve These Goals

  • Standards and evidence-based indicators and guidelines that apply to all settings where the service is performed
  • A 3-tier clinical leadership structure of provincial, regional and facility leads
  • Quality reporting at the provincial, regional, facility and physician levels
  • Resources, tools and opportunities to support quality improvement

Our Partnership

The Quality Management Partnership is a joint initiative between Cancer Care Ontario and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

We came together in 2013 to tackle the complex challenge of healthcare quality in Ontario. On its own, each partner has specific strengths to support quality improvement in the system. Together, we can lead a coordinated approach to support quality and quality improvement at the individual, facility, regional and provincial levels.

Our Strengths

Cancer Care Ontario brings experience in these areas:

  • Provincial program implementation
  • Clinician-led, evidence-based planning and implementation
  • Data collection to facilitate performance reporting and performance management
  • Health service funding/purchasing

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario brings experience in these activities, which they do to protect the public and assure the quality of providers and the health system:

  • Inspections of out-of-hospital premises and independent health facilities
  • Peer assessments
  • Continuing professional development